Max the Brave Fund

About us

The Max The Brave Fund was set up in August 2019 after Max sadly passed away from a Malignant Rhabdoid Tumour (MRT a rare childhood cancer).

The Max The Brave Fund put together special birthday/milestone packages for children fighting cancer, when the little warriors are too poorly to make it home. These consist of a requested gift, birthday cake and foil balloon. We also supply the children and their carer with care packages of essential and luxury items to try and brighten their day.


The Max the Brave Fund is excited to announce that we will be helping to fund a research project called “Creating Superpowered Immune Cells to Treat Childhood Tumours” – Super Hero Cells to save our Super Hero Kids.

This project will be taking place at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children’s Research Centre. It is extremely important to us and vital for the improvement of treatment for childhood tumours.

When Max was in hospital harvesting his cells to be put back once his treatment was finished we signed an agreement that if worse case scenario Max didn’t finish his treatment and couldn’t use his cells, we were happy for these to be used for research.

Max could potentially contribute to finding a cure and kinder cancer treatments.

All of our fundraising will be done with this in mind, we would love to offer regular grants to this special cause with the help from you guys. 

For Max, for our children

As Max spent most of his life in Great Ormond Street Hospital we are using this fund to help them and other organisations such as Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust and Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

We also help individual cases that need funds for essential treatment abroad.

By creating this website we aim to tell Max’s story, to spread awareness, set up fundraisers and encourage fundraising for seriously ill children.

You never realise how important charity is until you need it.